Cool Sharingan Contact Lenses

Sharingan Contact Lenses

Sharingan Contact Lenses - Sharingan Contacts.png

Sharingan Contacts

For those of you who don’t know what Sharingan contact lenses are or what inspired them let me give you a little back ground information.

Sharingan contacts were inspired from the manga tv show Naruto, this show is about a young ninja who dreams of being the most powerful ninja in his village.

Without going into to much detail about the show, many of the characters in the show have abilities that come from their eyes. Sharingan is one of these abilities, Rinnegan eyes are another and one with which they have also made contact lenses based after.


Sharingan Contact Lenses Popular with Anime Fans

If any Naruto fans read this I will probably get lots of hate mail, Naruto is a manga show and manga is different than anime however for the purpose of this article I am referring to both as anime.

Sharingan contacts are very popular with anime/manga fans around the world and often used for cosplay. Additionally many individuals (mostly teenage kids) wear them as a part of their Halloween costume even if the costume has nothing to do with the show.

More and more you will even find Sharingan contact lenses being worn on a daily basis. Of course that goes for all the different styles of anime contacts and Halloween contacts that are available today, they aren’t just for Halloween anymore.

Mangekyou Sharingan contact lenses.png

Do Sharingan Contacts Correct Vision

To be honest I don’t really know this answer to this, most of these cool contacts do not correct vision and are just for cosmetic purposes. However, more and more you are seeing these types of lenses available that do correct vision.

Do the Sharingan contact lenses come as prescription lenses? Not that I have found but that doesn’t mean they are not available somewhere.

Where Can You Buy Sharingan Contacts

Although you can find them in some local specialty shops you are more than likely going to have to search online for your Sharingan contact lenses. There are several retailers that carry these style of lenses.

Most retailers will require that you have a prescription from an optometrist before selling you contact lenses, even non prescription contacts. In the United States they are required to by law and is meant to ensure the contacts you stick in your eyes are high quality and won’t cause damage.

If you are an anime/manga fan or just like the looks of Sharingan contact lenses then do a quick search on Google and order yourself a pair.


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